After the project has been uploaded to the PLC, real values of variables can be seen in the Variable browser.

Click the “Start Debugging” button in order to connect to a single PLC and start refresh. If there are more PLCs in a solution, a dialogue is opened for selecting of the PLC to connect to. One or more PLCs may be debugged simultaneously.

In the Variable browser, there will be a corresponding number of “Value…” and “Last communication” columns  displayed, according to the number of debugged PLCs. The value may be changed from the Variable browser in case the PLC program is not overwriting it.

In a ST program, variable values can be watched at the code lines. However, they can not be written to.

FUPLA debugging displays values entering and leaving the function blocks. Click on a function block to display values of hidden inputs and outputs.

Quit the debug mode by clicking the “Stop debugging” button.

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