All our cloud services are provided from the following data centers

  • Faster (main location, Czech Republic, ISO 9001 and 27001)
  • vshosting (ISO 27001)
  • Vodafone (ISO 27001)
  • and OVH (backup location, France)

We strive for very low operating costs, which is reflected in the very low price of Mervis SCADA and Mervis DB hosting for our customers.

We use both Windows and Linux operating systems. Most of the software applications running on our servers are developed by us. This allows us to further reduce operating costs as there are no licensing fees associated with our growth, and we can finely tune performance and features to meet our expectations.

We do not offer any SLA, but our measured availability is 99.5%-99.95% each year over the last five years.

We perform regular backups of all data to two off-data center locations every 24 hours.

We regularly update our servers.

Both Mervis SCADA and Mervis DB offer secure (HTTPS using Let’s Encrypt certificates) communication APIs. For BMS and control systems that are not capable of encryption, we also have to provide unencrypted communication channels. We consider the current state of control systems and communication standards used in building automation as very inadequate and are working hard to change that.

Most devices are connected to our cloud through our developed communication infrastructure Mervis Proxy or, more recently, through an even faster solution Mervis CloudAccess.

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