Controller properties

The PLC has properties divided into groups:

Controller properties
Name Free definable controller name for easy user identification
Id Identification string
Device identifier MAC address of the device or other identifier
Assigned device type Platform type on which the runtime is operating - see attach PLC
History runtime identification String for unique identification of PLC as a data source for Mervis DB
Application version Application version eg 1.2
Stop on Excetion Exception of prohibited program run - see exceptions from running the program
Ignore Points Ignoring HW points see hw points
PLC connection parameters
User name, Password Credentials for SSCP connection
SSCP address Controller address on protocol SSCP, user for both TCP and serial communication
Connection type Select here how the PLC is connected to the IDE
•• Connection parameters Depend on Connection type; see data for TCP connection below
Server (TCP) PLC IP address to connect to
TCP port (TCP) Target TCP port number, default is 12346
SSL Enabled (TCP) SSL protocol configuration
URL (Proxy) address of proxy server
Proxy ID (Proxy) ID for identification on the proxy server
Serial Port (Serial) port number
Baud rate (Serial) Baud rate
Parity (Serial) Parity
Data bits (Serial) Data bits
Stop bits (Serial) Stop bits
• Variable backup
Enabled Backup of variables to EEPROM enabled
Periodic save enabled Periodic saving according to Period enabled
Period How often are the variables saved periodically
Trigger variable Save variables on raising edge of this variable
• Configuration parameters
•• Date/Time settings
Daylight offsets Dates and times of daylight saving time transitions
UTC offset [h] time difference of the current time zone against UTC
NTP server URL server for time synchronisation
•• Advanced Network Configuration
••• Network Card
Name ethX2
Enabled Enable network card
IP Configuration None - no configuration, Static - static IP address, DHCP - automatic IP address assignment
IP Address IP address of the controller
Network mask Submet mask of the PLC's network
•• Network settings
Use DHCP Use automatic IP address assignment
IP address IP address of the controller
Network mask Submet mask of the PLC's network
Gateway Default gateway
DNS DNS server address
Enable UDP configuration Enable configuration service over UDP
Enable Web Server Web server in the PLC is active
Web Server Port TCP port where the web server is listening, default 80
••• Mervis DB Parameters
Enabled History data will be stored to a Mervis database
URL Database address / URL
Communication period [min] How often the DB will be internal buffer sent to database
User Name, Password Credentials to access the database
••• Proxy parameters
Enabled Communication to a Proxy server enabled
Proxy ID ID to connect to Proxy
URL Address of the proxy server
Keep-alive period Interval of periodic life-check datagrams (reccommended 10s)
••• SSCP Parameters
SSCP address controller address on protocol SSCP, user for both TCP and serial communication
Number of registrable groups Number of groups of variables in the SSCP communication
Number of variables in group Maximum number of registrable variables in a group
Enable TCP Enable TCP communication for SSCP
TCP Server Port TCP port number, default 12346
Enable Serial Enable serial communication for SSCP
Serial Server Port Number of COM port for SSCP communication
Serial Port Baudrate Serial communication baudrate for SSCP
Enable SSL Server Enable SSL
SSL Server Port Port number for secured communication, default 12347
•••• User definition
Username (Engineering) User with full control over the PLC
Password (Engineering) Password
Username (Full control) User with variable read/write access
Password (Full control) Password
Username (Read only) User with variable read access
Password (Read only) Password
•• Storage
••• SD Card
•• Common
• LCD Parameters - integrated HMI editor
Backlight Off Time LCD backlight off time delay
Definition path Path to the LCD menu definition in the engineer's PC
Device template LCD menu template
Scrolling speed [1-30] How fast will the menu items scroll if buttons pressed permanently
• OPC parameters
Refresh timeout [ms] update rate
Max data flow [kb/s] max data flow from PLC to OPC
• Web Parameters
Definition Directory site directory path
Device Template web site template

Every property in the property grid has, apart from its value, also a symbol indicating if the property is bound to the configuration or not. If the symbol is missing, the property is not depending on the configuration in any respect.

A mark indicates that a property depends on the configuration directly, and

  • has a default value (red mark with white square inside), or
  • its value is defined in the parent configuration (pink mark), or
  • its value is redefined in the current configuration (red mark).

A green mark indicates indirect dependency on a configuration - this means that the property does not influence any other settings or behaviour of the system, such as a Note (which is just a plain text).

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