System Menu

System Menu

Event Log

This overview records all actions performed in the project. It displays the time of the action, the project where it occurred, the user who performed it, and the type of operation. All this information can be searched using the Filter. The event log is an ideal control mechanism for the project.

Alarm History

A clear history of alarms directly in the Menu. It serves as an informative overview, and you cannot work with alarms directly from here.

Project Statistics

Here, you can find information about the operation of the project within the MERVIS program. Its status (LOCAL/STOPPED), the number of data points, last run, etc.

User Settings Screen


Setting the language of the working environment.


Color scheme of the working environment.

Show Alarm Windows

This option determines whether the dialog window should appear when an alarm occurs.

Show Overview Panel

Enables/disables the display of a panel with summary information about projects.

Overview Panel – Detail

For each project, it shows the number of non-communicating points, points in alarm, project runtime, and a link to the schema.

Overview Panel

Default Schema Size

The option to change the default size of the displayed schema to Automatic / Full Visible / Width of the Window / Original Size.

Alert Sound for New Alarm

Option to choose a sound for signaling a new alarm.

Sound When Pressing a Button

Option to choose a sound for button presses.

Interval Between Queries for Values

The interval is set depending on the size of the project, the quality of the internet connection, and the speed of monitored events.

Create a Short URL for the Current Page

Sets a shortened address for the currently displayed page. Suitable for sending by email or other communication clients, etc.

Setting a short address for the current page

Example of a generated address:

Change User Password

To change the password, you need to enter the current password and the new password. The new password is entered twice to avoid typos.

About the Application

Dialog Box with Application Information

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