Line Overview

Line Overview Icon

The Line Overview is the basic visualization of data points. It displays all available information in the project. It allows for control, parameter setting, etc.

Line view of an open project

The overview is divided into levels. The tree view allows for quick and clear searching for desired information displayed in the data points.

Each DB can be selected by clicking on the square to the left of the timestamp and then displayed in the Graph.

Selecting a data point

Previous selected data point
Next selected data point
Deselecting data points

You can navigate between selected data points or cancel the selection entirely.

Data points can be filtered by name, which is entered into the Filter, or by distinctive features.

Field for entering the filter
Favorite data points
List of data point filtering options
Information about the selected data point
Bulk operations
Tag editing

Non-communication is indicated by

If at least one data point is selected, information about the active selection and the number of selected data points is displayed.

It is possible to select any number of data points, from any project available to the user.

By clicking on the symbol, the user is shown a list of all selected data points.

Currently selected points

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