Alarm Icon

Alarm Overview

The display has two levels: Project name - data point located in the alarm.

Next to the project name is a digit indicating the total number of alarms within the project.

In the case of multiple projects, you can use the Filter or filter by significant properties.

Field for entering the filter

The overview shows all current data points in alarm.

For each data point, there is information about the alarm status:

Active Alarm

Clicking invokes a dialog box with information about the alarm value, the time the alarm occurred, and the current time. In the window, you can confirm the alarm, display it in the project, or just close the dialog box.

Dialog Box – Active Alarm

Acknowledged Alarm

The dialog box no longer allows confirming the alarm. Additionally, it contains information about the time the alarm was confirmed.

Dialog Box – Acknowledged Alarm

Show active alarms
Show acknowledged alarms
Show alarms from all projects
Alarm history range
Reload data
Show/hide history panel
Acknowledge all selected
Reset all selected
Download history in CSV format
Show information about highlighted/selected data point
Priority update of the highlighted/selected data point

History shows the time of alarm creation/cancellation, who (which user) acknowledged the alarm, and the current status of the alarm.

The history can be sorted by the time of alarm creation/cancellation.

Three Filters can be used for searching: path / data point / user

Each point that has active alarm behavior can, depending on the settings, take on different alarm states and gradually transition between these states, as shown in the following image.

Overview of alarm states and transitions

  • Texts in circles correspond to the alarm state
  • Arrows between them represent the following transitions between states
    • Red arrow - alarm creation
    • Blue solid arrow - alarm cancellation
    • Blue dashed arrow - alarm cancellation with enabled automatic reset
    • Ack - acknowledgment request
    • Reset - reset request
    • If an action is triggered that is not plotted in the diagram, it is ignored (e.g., reset request in the Normal state)
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