Port Monitor

Port monitor is a tool for monitoring of data sent and received over communication channels. It is useful for debugging and commissionning to see if the peripherial device (I/O module, 3rd party controller, …) is responding correctly. Select the controller to be monitored in the window. It is only possible to monitor one controller at a time. 

The Port Monitor is controlled by three buttons:

Start capture data

Stop capture data

Clear window

The data format for display can be selected (Ascii - text data, AsciiD7 - textová data with the highest bit masked (this is used with Sauter controllers), Hex, Hex2 - extended variant of the Hex format with the prefix 0x and Decimal) and Save To File - by selecting this function and starting the capture of communication to the port monitor, a new folder “portmonitor” will be created in the directory with your report, which will contain a file with a recording of the communication.

In the lower part there are tabs to switch between the channels.

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