SoftPLC Link Protocol Driver

SoftPLC Link is native communication protocol of previous series PLCs with RT SoftPLC RT. It is user for configuration, programming and transfering of process data. PLCs from new series mark with Mervis RT can create client channel to rear / write data do PLC with SoftPLC RT.

  • All process stations with Mervis RT supports client function. (markXXX, IMIO10x and ICIO20x)
  • All process stations with SoftPLC RT supports both client and server function.(iPLC5xx, miniPLC3xx, miniPLC2xx, WinRT)
  • Ethernet
  • Maximum amount of simultaneously connected clients and created channels on process stations with OS BECK (miniPLC3xx, miniPLC2xx) is limited to 10.
  • One connection must be reserved for SoftPLC IDE for service purposes. In case of connection more clients/channels and therefore reching of mentioned limit, it is reccomended to gather data on one process station or to use ring topology.
  • In case of demand to integrate SoftPLC Link protocol to third party applications or system, please, conctact Domat Technical Support for protocol description or SDK (C# / C++).

To communicate by SoftPLC Link protocol, IP address of target device needs to be known. GUID  is used for reading and writing of certain variable. This information is filled automatically by editation enviroment (Mervis IDE, HMI, SoftPLC IDE, RcWare Vision,…). GUID is changed when the definition of variable is changed. In this case, information about new GUID must be obtained and from new compilation of project (*.splcproj file) and updated in editors.

Client communication channel

Properties of SoftPLC Link channel:

  • Link protocol -  only TCP
  • Maximal telegram duration - how much time is reserved for telegram transmitting
  • Pause beween telegrams - inactive period between telegram transmitting
  • IP address - IP address of target PLC
  • Port - TCP port (default: 12345)
  • User Name - username of user on PLC (default: admin)
  • Password - password of user on PLC (default: rw)

Communication group

Creating and editation is realized in HW device editor. Principle is the same as on creating of any other general device. Group can be set as read / write.

Data point

Creating and editation is realized in HW device editor. Principle is the same as on creating any other general device -  Defining of HW variables for a communication channel. Variable mapping is made from variable list obtained from *.splcproj project.

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