Definitions of terms necessary for work in Mervis IDE

A Solution is a set of projects and PLCs. A Solution contains any number of PLCs and any number of projects. (new_solution)

A PLC controller is a set of PLC and I/O modules or other communicative devices, such as variable speed drives, room units etc. (PLC attachment)

A Project is a set of programs, functions, and function blocks. (new_project)

A Program, in ST or FUPLA language, defines the contents of cmputing cycles. (program)

A global variable is a variable defined by user within a project, which means that it can be used in more programs belonging to a project. (variables, variable definition)

A Local variable is a variable belonging to a program, function, or a function block. Local variable can not be mapped to a physical (hardware, HW) variable. (variables, variable definition)

A Function is part of a program which can be referred to by a program in different parts of the code. It is created in similar way to a program, but it can not be referred to in a PLC task.  (function)

A Function block is a function with inner state. (function block)

Reference to another project within one Solution. By referring a project to another project we are able to use functions, function blocks, and programs in another project. (new project)

A Task is an assignment of a program to a controller. According to the platform type, or hardware design of the PLC, and its computing power, a PLC may execute different numbers of tasks. A task may contain one or more Programs. (definition of activity of a PLC)

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