Creating user library

User library will be created, after compilation the library will be saved in the project directory.

One of the ways how to use an already created library in another project is to copy the  library file, “.slb”.

Copy them to the Library folder which is in the Mervis installation directory, such as C:\Program Files\Mervis\0.0.38183\IDE.

Add a reference in another project.

In the Standard libraries folder select the new library and confirm.

After the reference is added, the library is ready to be used.

Another way is to insert the whole library into a solution, rather than just the compiled part. It will be possible to edit the library later. Copy the library folder into the project folder.

In the test2 project, an existing library will be inserted.

After a library is inserted, it must be referenced:

After a library is referenced, it is ready to be used.

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