Terminal graphic menu definition

To create a Terminal device, right-click System and select Add terminal. 

a plc device type acquires the connection data (endpoint) using one of the following ways:

hwconfiguration - this reads the ip address and tcp port number from the plc properties, network configuration. the terminal will connect to the ip address of the plc. this option makes sense if both terminal and plc are in the same subnet.

deploy - this reads the ip address and tcp port number  from plc connection parameters.  this is used if the plc is connected over a router with nat, or, in general, over the internet, and the connection does not follow to the local ip address of the plc.

custom - the ip address and tcp port must be entered manually.

to use a proxy connection to the plc, select the “custom” endpoint.

a data sourcedevice only has two options:

deploy - this reads the ip address and tcp port number  from connection parametersof the data source. 

custom - the ip address and tcp port must be entered manually.

the prerequisity for a hmi graphic template, again, is a terminal device defined. create a terminal device as described in Creating a text terminal template.

Then define the name and type of the template. Display type shall be “Graphic”. Template type shall be “Terminal”. The last item is Terminal: Select here the terminal device for which the template is designed. According to the terminal instance, it will be possible to attach variables which are defined at the “terminalChannel” devices of a particular terminal.

apart from attaching the variable, it is also possible to change the other object instance properties. they are described in "Graphic HMI objects".

• Title - name to be displayed in the terminal / application

• Width/height - parameters which are given by the template settings

• Background - select a colour to fill the background of the page. Every page may have a different background colour. 

• Background image source - path to a image in the HMI project. The image will be displayed on the page background. The image must be added to the HMI project resources in order to be usable here.

• Grid size - number of pixels to create an invisible grid to align the inserted objects. 

• Visible - visibility of the page. The page may be temporarily hidden from display on a terminal, e.g. if it has not been finished yet.

• User group - select the group of users who will be able to display / control this page.

In the Terminal properties, select the tempate to be used for this Terminal. The box is in the lower part, Graphic parameters. Select the appropriate tempate here. After the template is selected, the corresponding files are generated automatically. 

Right click the Terminal to Show preview. If a template is selected in the Terminal properties, a preview will be displayed. 

If there are PLCs connected in the network, the preview works as a fully functioning control panel. The display is the same as on a HT200 terminal. The resolution is as set in the template properties.