User policy

Operator unit HT200 and Mervis Visual emulator for windows are now capable of advanced user policy options. User policy is not supported on other mobile devices (Android, iOS devices) where a single user is expected as these are personal devices.

User policy administration is based on principle of groups and users. Each user can be assigned to multiple groups.

User groups can be created under “PLC” or “Terminal” device.


Select all - All current groups and functions are selected
DefaultGroup - Right to the “DefaultGroup” group and alarm overview
All - After a user group is added/removed, the user always will have all rights

User rights are divided to rights for reading and rights for writing.

For each panel of a graphic HMI project, a user group to access this panel shall be selected.

User selected as “Admin” is the only one who is allowed to change the settings of HT200 - network settings, connection settings, etc.

User selected as “Default” will be set as the default user for login. If this user doesn't have any password defined, it will be logged in automatically.