Variable browser

Using the main menu “View” → “Variable browser”, a table with all variables in a PLC is displayed. The “Name” column shows the variable name as enterd in the variable definition, “Namespace” is the used namespace, or context (declarative area which is used to avoid duplicities in declarations). “Module” specifies where the variable is defined (project or controller). “Type” is the variable data type (bool, int, real …). “PLC Value” is the actual value of a variable (visible at debug only), “Unit” shows the variable’s physical unit (if defined), “PLC Last Communication” is the time of the last refresh in a PLC (can be used to diagnose communication errors), “Manual Mode”, “Communication Error” and “Retain” shows if a variable is set to Manual mode, returns a communication error, or has a Retain flag set.. “Initial value” displays the default value set in a project, and “Used in HMI” shows if a variable is tagged so as to appear in the HMI menu automatically.

in the context menu, a variable can be set its default value, can be added to a variable collection, removed from a collection, renamed, set to  manual mode, to a chart, to history, or using Quick Find, the usage of the variable can be displayed.

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