Uploading of program to a PLC

After the solution has been compiled, program(s) may be uploaded to controller(s).

after the programs have been uploaded, the plc can be started as “full run”, in converter mode „Commissioning Mode“, in “Communication only” mode where regulation is not running, and only communication with modules is possible or in “Evaluation only” mode, where regulation is not running but communication with modules is not working.

Uploading of a program to a PLC

If a program is uploaded, all variables in project are saved. On the start of the program, we can choose the type of program start. Warm restart means, that PLC will try to recover the highest possible amout of variable values from memory. The success rate depends on amount and type of changes made in program. If the “Clear flash variables” option is chcecked, all non-retain variables will be overwritten and initial or null values will be used for the RT startup. Cold restart option restart will start the program with all variables set to  init values from compiled and deployed code.

Debug mode - remote connection to a controller

Click the „Start debugging“ button to connect to a running PLC.

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