Controller runtime update

To execute the compiled program in a PLC, a runtime (RT) is necessary. The runtime must be up-to-date with the version of the editor (Mervis IDE). A new PLC which comes from the production may not be loaded with the most recent version of RT, and thus it is necessary to update the runtime before a project is uploaded to the PLC. A red triangle at the version number in the list of found PLCs indicates an obsolete version of the runtime.

Yellow triangle: it was not possible to read the runtime version (most probably an active UDP firewall or another network issue)
Red triangle: obsolete runtime version, please update the runtime to continue
Grey triangle: obsolete runtime version, however not critical. The update is recommended, although not necessary.

rt update is possible if a plc is reachable over tcp and its platform is correctly attached.

Update the runtime by right-click on the controller, select “PLC Operation” and „Upload RT“. The controller is restarted automatically after the new version of RT is uploaded.

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