SoftPLCLink (RcWare)

The Mervis Proxy is the solution for communication from non-public or “hostile” network environments. It allows fully transparent communication over the Internet among controllers or communication with other clients, like supervision systems (e.g. Mervis SCADA).

For maximum compatibility standard encrypted communication via HTTPS (or HTTP if required) is employed and therefore Proxy Server can be freely used in most network environments.

The Proxy Server supports standard data communication and also almost complete engineering capabilities needed during the installation of the control system and building commissioning. Greatly reduced cost and much smoother tuning of the control system are just few of the apparent benefits.

Communication port for PLC:HTTPS: 7777, 443, HTTP: 6666, 80
Client communication port (SCADA, Mervis IDE, Merbon IDE, …):6665
ProxyID/Password:Contact technical support Mervis nebo Domat
Communication Protocol:SoftPLCLink
  • -2: not configured;
  • -1: configured, status unknown;
  • 0: error;
  • 1: registering data;
  • 2: communicating values;
  • 10: bad credentials
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