Data for HVAC analytics

Building operation is (or at least shall be) determined by a schedule. Therefore we need some information about regimes in the building (at least non-stop operation vs. office hours determined operation). We do not read this information directly from BMS. It shall be defined by facility management in order to validate BMS setting. This applies to all analytical topics listed below.

We do not require outdoor temperature (humidity, pressure,…), we use independent data source.

Bellow is a list of recommend variables for each analytical topic.

Signal Type Note
Supply water temperature measurement and setpoint
Return water temperature measurement
Pump measurement or setpoint
Valve setpoint
Signal Type Note
Cumulative meter value measurement “Energy” measurement is more valuable than “power” for the analysis
Signal Type Note
Indoor temperature measurement and setpoint

AHU is a complex appliance and there is no unified set of variables that are need for AHU analysis. We try to use all data that are provided. Usually, AHU is described by 15 - 30 relevant variables.

Information about heat recovery type (plate, wheel or glycol) is also needed as well as operation schedule.

Signal Type Note
fans measurement or setpoint fan state, frequency converter data
heating measurement or setpoint supply and return temperatures, pump and valve
cooling measurement or setpoint supply and return temperatures, pump and valve
humidifier measurement or setpoint
heat recovery measurement or setpoint bypass position, wheel speed
air temperatures measurement and setpoint supply, zone, outlet
dampers measurement or setpoint
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